Friday, July 27, 2012 announces Beta Launch date!

Finally the Beta is coming! will open up its doors with version 1.0.0 Beta on the 3rd of August

After 32 weekly and steady releases, we are ready to intake new users that want to start experiencing a new way to play Go online.

With the new design, bots, a big board, and many new and novel features like malkovich, variation sharing, video broadcasting and more, Kaya has a lot to offer both to new players and to experienced online go enthusiasts.

When we release, we will start allowing only 200 new registrants. So stay tuned to get your account quickly!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Major changes on Kaya, the last stepping stone to Beta.

0.31 came with amazing changes. A completely new Main page UI was done, with great aid from Gryn, one of our most enthusiastic supporters.

The new UI is very modern, and uses space a lot better than the old one. We want to release before the EGC finishes so we are moving as fast as we can, and this is the last huge change before release.

Although all works fine, there are many tweaks and fixes to do, so shoot away at the tweaki! Lets find all the imperfections, so we can fix them and make the long awaited final release.

The stability of this release will decide the Beta launch date!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Kaya 0.29 Alpha comes with huge performance boosts and GoGameGuru's Baduk TV!

Sit tight because im going Fast & Furious on this post!

Since we got out on december, there were always performance matters at hand. We are using a very small server ( this week i calculated it has 1/4 CPU power of my 4 year old laptop) so fine tuning it becomes a necessity quickly.

Last week the canadian open was coming and i wanted to improve performance before the event ocurred, so the server had less lag and worked smoother.

The event was very successful, and JeansebL is doing an awesome job with the broadcasts. It is very rewarding to see Guo Juan using Kaya for her public lectures, and we expect these activities to grow in quantity and numbers, specially after outing.

Unfortunately, the first day of the event proceeded before the updates, but the improvements were vast.

When the games got large enough (100's of moves) the game would start to slow down. It was a problem in the parser so i would have to revisit it. After making a small but significant change, i could reduce the processing by 4x , making it way faster.
But it still wasnt fast enough, so this week i devoted myself almost exclusively to performance. And oh boy did things get better.

As of today i have a complete understanding on how the server works from a performance level, from bottlenecks to pending improvements. This time, i improved the parser from that 4x solution to 50x faster. Its blazing fast. Which means games will run much smoother now and there will be only a fraction of the lag we used to have sometimes.

Also, i improved a lot of things from the main page. Its 10x faster and uses less resources.
So in this version we will experience a much quicker experience, and im dying to check it out :).
If all goes fine, and the performance fixes are polished, we are very well ready to intake a decent number of users. Beta is getting closer!

See you guys around!