Monday, February 18, 2013

Back from a weekend getaway, and working on getting Kaya up.

Hey everyone! I just arrived to a usable computer and found out Kaya was down for 2 days!.

2 Days ago I went to a small town called Villa General Belgrano in Argentina to spend a few days there eating german cuisine and relax. Unfortunately, because I dont have a usable portable copmuter right now, and Pato is on 100% disconnected vacations on Bolivia, Kaya was vulnerable to issues.

Unfortunately, shortly after i left, Kaya went down and there was no-one around to fix it. This is my responsibility and I deeply apologize for this.

Kaya does not have a sysadmin expert and we are still going through all the infrastructure setup that would make the server more reliable to system issues. In this case, the HD got 100% full, and the site stopped working.

Im working on putting Kaya up, and  I will be answering all the emails I got promptly.

UPDATE: Kaya is now up

Saturday, February 2, 2013 down last night

Fortunately after a moderate time i was able to check the situation and revert it, however, the same crash scenario happened again.

One kaya user was trying out robustness of the site and sent some large data, which seems to have caused one dependency library to crash, provoking a reaction on the core service.

That particular situation was repeated this morning to reproduce, and  it is now adressed to not happen.

Web clients are particularly easy to fool around with and although we dont expect to get critical issues like this, we will promptly fix and address them. Thanks to this user a vulnerability is now known to us and we can not only fix it , but think in the future in terms of preventing it.

Kaya is now up and stable for use.