Friday, January 25, 2013

BadukTV on Kaya

We had always planned to make servers more related to online video. One of the key points we identified missing from servers is the focus on entertainment, on the ability for users to enjoy an experience without playing.

Because of that, we devised the Broadcasts, right off the bat, as our prototype shows.
Broadcasts are simple games with a space dedicated to Video to enjoy extra content such as the players, commentary, interviews and more.

Thanks to Jeansebl we broadcasted several Quebec League games and even I myself held a lecture on a game I played on the Argentinian championship.
Making videos is fun but its also hard. It takes effort and a team, and BadukTV has this problem down.

Considering using BadukTV on Kaya we contacted them, and they kindly provided us with a testing stream for a month. 
We will hold events to make use of this stream and  see how valuable this is for users and how important it can be for us to hire BadukTV's services.

Check out the Kaya Countdown to see which is the next event. It might very well be one of the Broadcasts with BadukTV!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Preparing some vacation time

No, its not a vacation feature for Correspondence!

We are actually starting to plan some developing vacations for ourselves.
We started full time on september 2011. first version came out on christmas that year and for the following 6 months, I worked weekends and more than 10 hours a day !

Lots of effort has been put in and Kaya is better than ever. Now that emergencies are rare and can be handled easily, we need some rest time.

We are still working over the dates.

Moreover, the past two weeks were insane for me. My grandfather passed away and I spent a few days with my family last week.

This happened midweek and definitely changed plans, both on Kaya and daily life. Even worse, my computer finally broke down again!

So until today i wasnt able to work, hence the thin but important fixes for correspondence, and the next big feature was put on hold until the next week.

Im also glad to see so many correspondence games being played, and people enjoying the server at all times. Shikkis problem solving has become a classic, and Franciscos constant challenge in the server is thrilling :)

Stay tuned for the next newsletter!

Monday, January 7, 2013

The first newsletter

We just sent's first newsletter.

We had planned on making it a long time ago and surprisingly, styling it and give it a feel took  a lot more effort than was expected.

Since inception 100's of correspondence games were started and we expect a lot more to come. This way, starting and continuing games is super easy in our platform, while you can also enjoy the novel features of the real time go server, such as malkovich comments, live chat and more.

Because we didn't think about the newsletter until later of 2012, we didnt include the classic opt-in in user sign up, so we sent an initial newsletter to people that had it off and from before the time we had the opt-in.

This is only a one time sending for them, with the option to join in the newsletter. The rest of the users will get the regular newsletter very shortly! Stay tuned, it looks awesome :).

Regards, Gabriel.