Thursday, January 19, 2012

0.5 will no longer offer Founder accounts, first easter egg, and continued rapid development.

Ssup people!

We are in mid summer here in Buenos Aires and both dp and I are slowly roasting in the heat.

We are staying in the outskirts o fBuenos Aires, so for a change, i get to see some green grass and trees, and some nature, away from the concrete city of Bueno Aires.

Being here without city-like distractions has made this first summer camp, one we hope, of many.

We are 27hs away from the 0.5 release and with that release comes the change of Founder to Supporter. Founder accounts have not yet been designed but are very well documented in the server, and we have been thinking of what could we add to distinguish them.

I liked the idea of a brick icon next to the nickname, as founders is asimilar concept to a builder. We are very flexible on this idea so its the best moment to suggest, as a Founder, how would you like to be showing in the server.

Palapiku said that a 72pt flashing banner was expected, but i'm afraid that would be a bit too invasive.

The best places to add something are user lists and profiles. With your suggestions bare in mind though, that people that aren't founders shouldnt feel secluded or left out.

Also 0.5 will have the first easter egg. We added something special that we hope those that find it will cutely enjoy :)

We are extremely happy with our work, and we have a really good pacing. Each week brings a whole new set of features and functionality, along with a great number of tweaks and fixes. I must say that the Tweaki is a great invention at the same time it is our doom :).

Stay tuned guys! and give an opinion for how you would like your founder accounts to show in the server, its your recognition, your brand!


  1. Is there enough room for a Chinese character? Perhaps the one for "create" "build" or "dragon"

  2. Thats a very interesting idea ! Kanji's ARE cool, ill look into it :). IT surely fits.

  3. I like this idea
    In japanese a simple kanji "本" which can be interpreted as "origin" or "root"
    or like Silowyi said "build" (for a building) is "建"
    this is the japanese version, but traditionnal chinese is good too.

    Another idea is to choose colors (but it would be great if everybody could use this feature ^^)

  4. ahah ok I just connected, "元" is great too :) !

  5. Would it be possible to have different stones for a founder account? As in, when you play a founder, their stones have something special (like those cool stones that have a picture engraved on them). This sounds like something that might be appropriately grand, yet wouldn't actually change the game in any way.

  6. Not a bad idea, custom stone textures. I like this one.

    Though now you have me thinking... What about making the board turn into a map of space and using the stone sounds from the more dramatic games of HnG? Too much?

  7. Hah, yeah! The stones could sound like samurai swords slashing through the air. . .

  8. I definitely like the idea of at least being able to choose a different stone texture, but really I'd be just fine with a unique icon for founders.