Monday, February 18, 2013

Back from a weekend getaway, and working on getting Kaya up.

Hey everyone! I just arrived to a usable computer and found out Kaya was down for 2 days!.

2 Days ago I went to a small town called Villa General Belgrano in Argentina to spend a few days there eating german cuisine and relax. Unfortunately, because I dont have a usable portable copmuter right now, and Pato is on 100% disconnected vacations on Bolivia, Kaya was vulnerable to issues.

Unfortunately, shortly after i left, Kaya went down and there was no-one around to fix it. This is my responsibility and I deeply apologize for this.

Kaya does not have a sysadmin expert and we are still going through all the infrastructure setup that would make the server more reliable to system issues. In this case, the HD got 100% full, and the site stopped working.

Im working on putting Kaya up, and  I will be answering all the emails I got promptly.

UPDATE: Kaya is now up