Monday, April 16, 2012

Scarce posts, catastrophe and Sandboxes

Hey Guys! I havent been posting as regularly as before and mainly because im having a small technical issue.

That issue is a broken harddrive which has rendered my laptop useless. My brother is going to get me a new computer when he gets back from the US but thats over a month away, so im still looking for a makeshift fix until then.
That has kept me busy , but unfortunately it hasnt provoked a huge impact on 0.17 that officialized Sandboxes.

A Sandbox is an open board where you can change owners and players, and perform undos. Eventually(it was planned for 0.18 but the computer hassle might delay it) it will support branching , and its the board to show games by default.

After that, Sandboxes will be fitted so people without accounts can use them. Why? because that would make it possible for you to play and show the game to someone that doesnt even know what Go is.

And in between the last 2 features, its about turning games into game-reviews so you can comment games in detail if you wish so.

I think Sandboxes are the last Core feature for release, besides the new design. As Core features get finalized and polished, we can explore more on new and exciting ones like betting and guessing moves.

I hope you guys are excited as we are, getting closer and closer to Beta.

Tomorrow we will be meeting with yet another designers. We are in the process of picking who is going to aid us with the graphic design of the site, something so far Polly a.k.a. dp has been handling really well so far, but a professional touch will make it even better.


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  1. I'm more and more excited to see this progress. Can't wait for the big Beta release! :-D