Saturday, March 31, 2012

The road before us, Kaya Player to the MAX. And also Free games

Release was yesterday and each time we release it becomes easier than the next. The process is very well oiled, and we are very happy and proud for it.

Constant improvement is very important for us, becoming stale is our greatest nightmare.
We want users to know that we are working hard and each version is better than the previous one.
Since we implemented the changelog, there have been 12 releases (there were 3 before, but non-documented).

As a tour for users which might have forgotten, and others that havent experienced the server, let me give some milestones examples.

Before 0.3, Kaya didnt support handicap. You couldnt play anything but an even game. You couldnt share links in comments, you needed a special command for that.
Not to mention Absolute time was the only time available, and if you disconnected, the clock kept running. It was really Absolute :).

The Context menu had only 4 options, of which one didnt work (remember the lack of PM guys?) and the other two did work, but had no feedback, so it was hard to tell if it did. Plus Muzzle and Karma were actually pretty buggy back then.

I love the progress we did, and its extremely fast and aggressive. For some sys admin work i created another server with a version from 0.3. Its not only unrecognizable, it plain sucks. Its slow as hell (we did a lot of performance work) and you have 1/10th of the things to do.
At this pace, by the end of the year we would be over 50 releases. We are growing so fast!

This week we finally finished the Kaya Player. What we had before was pretty cool and people liked it , but it wasnt where we wanted it to be, or how we wanted it to be. The new version fits our idea, and its excellent. Greatly interactive, looks great, its kickass.

But also this week had lots of back-end work. I am facing the first difficult design challenges since probably the inception of Kaya. Spent a lot of time thinking what was best.
On the bright side, i have found the path for many other solutions in the meantime so it was really productive, even though invisible.

The first thing that became available now is free games, and soon being able to pick handicap one way or another.
Im not a fan of negotiations, no other server quite solves it elegantly, and for most matches its an unnecessary step.
However , as we removed that step, we took the challenge to solve many other conditions.
Stay tuned.

PD: We are still looking for an ipad! Some people have contacted me abotu the topic. I am surprised to learn used ipads are easily sell-able, so its likely we will buy one if we dont get a supporter one.


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