Friday, June 15, 2012

Resizable Board and UI and 0.26

At last. One of the most important UI changes pending since Alpha is the ability of the board to fit a larger space depending on the user's screen.

Now big screens will have a more efficiently sized board, bigger stones and a much better experience!

We haven't posted in a while and we have another good news. An awesome collaborator of the project is helping out with the redesign, and he had some amazing and novel ideas on how the main page should look like.

Its really ground-breaking and different and it exploits some of's top features. It looks slick, clean and clear.
As we finish this resizable board and delve into that page, we get closer and closer to opening up.  We are ready from a stability point of view: we have no performance issues, and we can take a decent nunmber of users immediately without worries.

This makes 26th release. For 26 weeks we have non-stop provided new features weekly. There are so many things to do inside and they will only grow larger and better.

I hope everyone is as excited as we are, specially all those founders and supporters that helped make this possible.

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  1. Thank you very much for all that awesomeness you deliver every Friday!