Friday, January 25, 2013

BadukTV on Kaya

We had always planned to make servers more related to online video. One of the key points we identified missing from servers is the focus on entertainment, on the ability for users to enjoy an experience without playing.

Because of that, we devised the Broadcasts, right off the bat, as our prototype shows.
Broadcasts are simple games with a space dedicated to Video to enjoy extra content such as the players, commentary, interviews and more.

Thanks to Jeansebl we broadcasted several Quebec League games and even I myself held a lecture on a game I played on the Argentinian championship.
Making videos is fun but its also hard. It takes effort and a team, and BadukTV has this problem down.

Considering using BadukTV on Kaya we contacted them, and they kindly provided us with a testing stream for a month. 
We will hold events to make use of this stream and  see how valuable this is for users and how important it can be for us to hire BadukTV's services.

Check out the Kaya Countdown to see which is the next event. It might very well be one of the Broadcasts with BadukTV!

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