Monday, January 7, 2013

The first newsletter

We just sent's first newsletter.

We had planned on making it a long time ago and surprisingly, styling it and give it a feel took  a lot more effort than was expected.

Since inception 100's of correspondence games were started and we expect a lot more to come. This way, starting and continuing games is super easy in our platform, while you can also enjoy the novel features of the real time go server, such as malkovich comments, live chat and more.

Because we didn't think about the newsletter until later of 2012, we didnt include the classic opt-in in user sign up, so we sent an initial newsletter to people that had it off and from before the time we had the opt-in.

This is only a one time sending for them, with the option to join in the newsletter. The rest of the users will get the regular newsletter very shortly! Stay tuned, it looks awesome :).

Regards, Gabriel.

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