Saturday, September 17, 2011

The new BoF, the logo and the AQJG

As many of you might have noticed, we have re-arranged the Board of Fame according to a Go Match.

We had debated right from the start what would be our way to add supporters to the Board. I used to place them with a simple criteria which was that as more important the support, closer to the center. So 5$ support would go near the edges, while features would get hoshis, and so on.

However, after the 50 supporters mark stones were just randomly placed, because there was really no place to put them. So we decided finally to make a Go Match with each stone and we picked the Game of the Century.

On the other hand, there are some great news for Kaya this week :). Jean-Sebastian Lechasseur, probably's first hardcore fan , saw that we had added a new reward, the Meijin.

The Meijin is a prize of special recognition and mainly, about getting T-Shirts and other things with the Kaya logo. Originally, we really wanted to make a reward with a T-shirt but considering we get donors from all over the world, the logistics and shipping would have been a nightmare.
So instead of made it so we send a bulk of shirts , whether to a group of people or a single donor.

As soon as Jean-Sebastian saw that reward, he started recruiting in the AQJG(Association quebecoise des joueurs de go) .Yesterday he completed the 20 player mark, each getting a T-shirt, stone in the BoF and access to the Documentary for 25$.

Because what he did was awesome i really wanted to do something special for these guys, so with Polly we decided that we would make another BoF, a 9x9 board to put all these donations together, and the board itself will be called after the AQJG.

This great notice also brings us to the following matter: the Kaya Logo. Our current logo was done by Polly himself. It's pretty nice, and specially i like the concept. For those that don't know, Kaya is the tree used to make the most expensive Gobans in the world.
Its a very old kind of tree, they can have thousands of years which makes it scarce and expensive. The leaf coming out of the stones is a Kaya leaf.
Although i like the current logo quite a bit, we can definitely do something more pro, by the hands of a professional logo designer. One of our concerns is that the logo should probably include the name in itself.
We are contacting independent designers from logopond, a site that groups work from logo designers,  and see what can we find out. Polly is fully in charge with that ,as he is the Chief Design Officer of Kaya.

So until we have the new logo we are not going to make the T-shirts. I wouldn't like sending out T-shirts with a logo that is most likely to expire. This very week im going to nag Polly constantly so he deals with the matter quickly :).

I also want to make a set of T-Shirts to bring to KPMC,  Korean Prime Minister Cup, to get further funding and exposure.

Thats it :)


  1. I'm looking forward to see that new logo !

  2. who played this "game of the century" ?