Thursday, September 29, 2011

Succesful Deployment and OpenKaya is on fire!

Yesterday we achieved a new landmark. We were succesful in the deployment of the application in Amazon, and we were able to chat&play over the internet.

It worked really fast and nice, we are very happy for the results. However its still not in alpha phase: it has no serious account validations, you still can't finish a game and several other features missing. It is still a moment of great joy for us, knowing that we are so close to having a first stable version.

Not only we were succesful on deployment, but yesterday Emiliano a.k.a. eMancu did a first version of the scoring algorithm, which is one of the key missing pieces of the board, to be able to count correctly. Also yoyoma improved Glicko system to take into account handicap&komi.

Im really happy about the results of OpenKaya so far. Even though I contacted these contributors directly, their work has helped us advance faster and better, by producing a better end product in less time.

That is why yoyoma is also now on the board of fame. eMancu, however, was payed in gummy bears.