Friday, September 16, 2011

Our current development tasks

So what are we actually working on these days, im sure many of you are asking.

There is a long development schedule that will remain private (and it is obviously very volatile) however we can give you guys a glimpse on what we are working on.

The picture you see here is GoSpeed,'s board.

Right as you see it, the board is connected to the server, and if another user were in the same place, he would see the stones being placed.

The chat is fully functional, and it already has some special-functionality: it marks messages with your own name in bold and it has a command interface: in the picture /help describes all the commands.

What you see is a sandbox, which is the closest thing to a Demonstration in KGS. The owner of the game can change who the players are, and can even change the size of the board dinamically (no need to refresh or recreate another demo.). We want to make this super configurable so its super easy and practical to share a board with someone remotely, and change the size, or rules, etc.

Even more, the URL is editable. You can name your demo, for example "my_lesson" and then, you will be able to locate the match doing "domain/game/sandbox/my_lesson".

The sandbox is our core workplace right now, because if its finished, there is a clear and definite functionality for any user. As you might guess, there is no pass/ resign button, and there are other things missing yet which are less important than those two.

The sandbox didnt exist on Monday, and it looks like this today. We are really happy with the progress we did this last week. Soon, we will have the tools necesary to deploy this application to Amazon, and we will be able to share it with founders.

One last thing, all material inside this blog is officially confidential. Do NOT share this picture or any other without our consent. We are not being hard-asses, but this is far away from how we want it to look : it doesnt have all the styling we demo-ed in the prototype, and we wouldn't want people to get the wrong idea about the execution of our project.

I hope you guys like it :)


  1. Good stuff :) Will keep a close eye on all this!

  2. Really interesting !
    I like the idea of having a chat with some functionalities.

    The concept of the "demonstration game" seems very powerful. There will be a new node when a board with a new size is created ?

    I'm excited about that new Go server.

    May you should put the "do not share[...]" at the beginning of that article.

    Will wait for next article !

  3. Im really happy about the Demo idea. It comes from a personal experience of trying to show the game to a girl i chatted with online :). I had no comfortable resources!! would have loved to share a link, and be able to interactively teach her how to play.