Monday, November 7, 2011

Glicko Rating system is done.

Today i finished merging yoyoma's implementation of Glicko into the server. It was a good learning experience for me to work on Open source code (OpenKaya).

I had to make several tweaks on his code which i should propagate to OpenKaya soon. But besides that, it seems to work very well, and we have now a rating system on Kaya, which includes ranks.

Glicko is an improvement on ELO taking into account mainly the confidence of the players rank, as if he doesnt play for a long time, his rating will move faster for the next games. It is not , however, like KGS's decayed history algorithm that takes past games into account.

This is much closer to my initial idea of how it should be done but after much discussion Whole history rating seems interesting to try. Definitely if someone makes it for OpenKaya we will have a showdown of rating systems.

For now its not our biggest concern because we need a good player base and regular playing for a rating system to have any meaning and building that has higher priority.
Things are still going good. It is unfortunate that we will not be able to make the beta this november. Its not impossible ,but because now i am in korea, some things that require simultaneous work are inefficient and uncomfortable.

However we are moving along well and working on manythings, so even though the minimum work required for the Beta is taking longer than expected, we will have other cool features sooner, like problem solving on the site.

Hope everyone is as excited as we are :)


  1. I have a WHR implementation in the WHR branch: I haven't added many unit tests because I was still fiddling with different implementations.

    The main challenge would be to integrate it with the server, because the algorithm requires much more state for each player, and it must be rerun periodically over the entire player database not just once per game added.

    There are tradeoffs to be made, such as how often to run over the player database (less often would be less server load, but sacrifice some accuracy). For example KGS used to rerun over all players every 15s (maybe it still does but my information is old). WHR would probably perform good enough with a similar strategy.

  2. will the problem solving feature have a rating system too? i miss that a bit on