Thursday, November 10, 2011

The supporter blog is open. We published the video! and muzzling...

Exciting news everyone! We finished the demo video we planned long ago. Its now in the home page of our site . Due to the fact that we are over 130 supporters, i decided to open up the blog for anyone to read.

I really wanted to keep it private but blogger restrictions made it impossible to do so, so right now everyone will be able to read it.

So everyone check out the video and share it with your friends :). It shows about 60% of what we have in the server (we are not showing the match creation and challenging, the rooms/channels, private messagings and profile sections).

Right now i am also finishing to implement the first idea brought to me by the community: muzzling. Normally admin's have to take care of obnoxious users, spammers and other type. Personally i was struck with this inconvienience on kgs, trying to find and admin, and by the time he comes in the damage is done.

Muzzling is about the users of the server "voting" to silence someone. They cant kick him out of the server, if a given number of users choose to muzzle another one, he will not be able to publish messages for some time.

I thought this was a great idea for the community to self regulate itself. For this exact purpose, it will work faster and more on-demand than calling an admin.


  1. Nice, but the size of the video is too small, I can´t see not enough details.

  2. Awesome! Glad that the blog is open, good to see the progress you guys are making.

  3. The video was hard to see, but everything looks professionally done. It looks very clean and seems runs very smoothly. I'm very surprised to all the little features you added such as the in game dictionary and chat functions. It feels modern and honestly will attract many go players if this continues in the direction its going. Keep it up! This is worth finishing.

  4. You can always full screen the video or watch it on HD.. those are vimeooptions.

    We will see about expanding it so it looks better right off the bat. I watched it in a 35 inch monitor :)