Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Facebook Login: do we want it?

Hey guys. A recent comment on Facebook reminded me that i haven't made up my mind around the subject of including Facebook into Kaya.

There are a few things Facebook does that it gives some conveniences so any site that integrates part of its funcitonality.

The first and foremost is the log-in. Traditionally any site where you are required to make an account, has some email validation, password and so on. It is a current trend that many sites allow you to log-in with your Facebook(or Google, MSN or even Yahoo ID). Normally you can still choose a nickname or such.

It has a big advantage: people with facebook accounts can log in very quickly, without email-validation.

From that, there are a few more things that can be done. Potentially, many people would like to share things that happen on the server on Facebook, like a cool game, or a tournament result, etc. So while logged in with your facebook account, we could potentially give some buttons so people can do a quick post on their own wall .

I don't have much interest in the next step, which is kaya directly posting on people's walls. I think its tacky so thats out of the question :).

There are 2 reasons for not wanting to have facebook integrated.

1- Many people loathe facebook. Since FB is so easy to integrate, even really crappy sites have it. Personally i feel more friction when i read a FB login or buttons or whatever than making a new account with e-mail validation. But on the other hand, i have used FB login in places where supplying my name and picture was appropiate. For example, own uservoice page, where we handle community feedback.

2- Go Players love being anonymous. Many people dont play on KGS due to the strain of people watching and commenting their games. Many people have secret-hidden accounts. I believe that is not actually natural of go players, but it is caused by how KGS is done. I don't think Asians go through the same pressure , except maybe pros.
It would be better for Kaya if users were identified through FB. Each account would have more identity and we would have more information. This means people wont make new accounts all the time, and they would feel more connected to the server, as people know who they are.

You can vote/comment on it there!


  1. I don't think FB integration could be a good idea... AFAIS would be understood as another social network... Mayba, if most, you could make FB Integration as optional, and not covering login. Just, for example, sharing kifu or something else, if most.

  2. I don't think it should be exclusively Facebook login. It would be nice if it were an option, but normally if something requires me to integrate with Facebook in order to use it I often turn away automatically and without further thought. Also, a very significant number of Go players I know don't have Facebook and don't plan to get it.

    That said, I'm sure it won't offend anyone if you allow them to log in with Facebook or alternatively make a new account.

  3. I would say leave facebook as option, but definitely don't have it as a requirement. While I would quite enjoy sharing good games on Facebook , there are lots of go players out there without facebook.

    Also if you wish to top into the Chinese market (even if it is just to get a pro teaching, or for people who to study go in China programs), Facebook is banned. So it'll be very hard for them to connect.

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  5. why not Facebook

    why not OpenID (I have a link for everything).

    Requiring a facebook or OpenID login is a bad idea. Making it optional is a bit of extra complexity, but not necessarily bad.