Sunday, November 6, 2011

Overdue Posting.Blog will go open and Tygem knows.

Hey guys! I haven't posted in a while. I've been so packed with things to do here in Korea and talking to people and working on GoLibrary and other details.

Polly is wrapping up the video and we should have it anytime soon. It's taking a lot more than expected, due to Polly's appreciation for details. But it will come soon and this blog will go public. Blogger unfortunately only allows 100 private readers, and as you all know we have way more than 100 supporters. Most people that arent included havent accepted their invitations, which is why we didn't hit this problem before.

But now, newcomers are asking for the blog and i have no solution but to open up the blog. Other options that would allow me such a thing involve work and maintenance we are not willing to give it. So as soon as we get the video, this blog will go open.

On another news, i was contacted by both WBaduk and Tygem while in Samsung Cup. A guy from Wbaduk just recognized me in person, and someone in Tygem casually looked at the list of students at BIBA and asked Kim Seung-Jun if i was the Kaya guy. (they recognized me by name). They asked for a meeting also.

Last year, i went to the Tygem main offices in Seoul. I gave them some recommendations on how to open up to the westerners, and they were very good listeners i think. They gave me a set of books as a present for my advice. However, they did not succeed in accomplishing a western community nor any of the suggestions i made for them. This happened 3 months before i started to toy around with the idea of building a server.

Now the positions are different and interesting. Tygem is part of a bigger company network of games. In a way, they race Wbaduk to get a stronghold in the west, so i think both sides are interested in Kaya as a means to do that, somehow.

On the other hand Wbaduk is a different company. It is also big, and profitable, but it doesnt have as good a technical team as Tygem has. And more, they get some government sponsorship, which they must spend. So they have money burning their pockets.

Last but not least, as i was discussing with Polly, if there is a way to help them get into the west, but we get into the East, which is a bigger and more profitable market, then we might also find something. Due to our architecture, we have an expanded flexibility to do things that dont compromise our vision, yet allow for inter-server relationships.

WARNING: All this is pure speculation. I have no way of knowing what will happen, what they want, or anything. We are at least very happy on how Kaya spread over the world, and that people can see a glimpse of our vision.

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