Thursday, March 15, 2012

0.13 comes with Widgets and a LOT of invisible work.

Widgets. This is something we talked about a very long time ago and finally we put a space on the main chat for them.

Widgets are small optional tools of interaction to provide access to different activities and uses. Because of our web environment, and growing our Open Source side, the number of potential features that could go into the site is very large.

Which means that we need to provide a space with some dynamism, that can be easily configurable and that it could have unlimited functionality.

Hence, the widgets. We have opened up widgets on OpenKaya, including a list of ideas to implement.

With very mild knowledge of HTML and javascript, anyone can work on a solution with a particular service they want, whether its a news feed, announcements, translation of terms, anything!
So this is another space for someone to contribute for, and it is by far the easiest place to do so.

We have started working on the diagraming for usablity and visual design of Kaya, the most important missing piece for Beta. This is going to be hard, but work put in here will have an impact forever.

But that work is certainly not gradual and it will not be shown until its fairly advance, so it remains invisible.

Also we finally opened up a part of GoSpeed(our JS-board) to the rgf project by jj so they can start using our board for their promising potential project.

We have also starting to get some assistance by another user on setting up monitoring tools, so improve the reliability and status checks of Kaya as a server. I normally know when things go wrong, but the better tools we have, the faster we will react to production-level problems.

And Finally, the Admin Dashboard. So far, i've been administering things in a pretty raw way. The first admin dashboard is done and it will allow the admins to have some control over users, games and other important information. As this grows, Kaya might include its first volunteer admin to check it out :).

So even though this week we did provide a sacrifice to the volcano, the vast majority of our work was towards Beta, and invisible preparations.


  1. Getting volunteer admins ? Sounds nice :D

  2. Please whatever you do don't take any former KGS admins for the love all that is good.

  3. Not all kgs admins are bad admins. Javaness is cool for example :)