Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Great community effort on translations!

Hey guys.

Since the Translators wanted post last week, 12 languages were translated.

I've been working on it and trying some translations on kaya, which uncovered more parts of the application that i didnt internationalize. So its not over yet :).

Also, unfortunately, i doubt i will be able to include them for 0.12, because..

- Monday and Tuesday were days off for me.

Since the initial release in december, i've worked pretty much all weekends since. I was fast approaching burnout and i needed some rest.
i was unlucky though, and bad weather forced me to stay inside, which is what i wanted to do least. But it forced me to rediscover Heroes of Might and Magic 3 in impossible settings, and my best friends'Nintendo DS.

- Libary issues

Mainly, one of our dependencies has an issue with encodings, recognized and half solved. But because its not totally solved, special characters produce some errors we cannot allow. So unless i find a good patch to that, or they fix it, i will not be able to include them.

Instead im now working on trimming the wiki, which is astoundingly large. Many of the tweaks are really old and dont even apply. And we are fixing more and more.

We want to work asap on the new design, which is the most important thing to go over before beta.
We also need a lot of polishing. Things work quite well,but thats not the standard we want to achieve. We aim for excellent, and excellent is a lot of work and time.

Stay tuned!

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