Friday, May 18, 2012

0.22.0 Alpha brings internationalization, branches and undo

Finally we support 3 features that were in the works since january.

The application now works also in French. We only included one language to pin-point all the places we missed internationalizing, so when we correct those, we will start adding all the other languages we got done by the community.

You can set your language from your profile account very easily!

Also, now we have branching on Sandboxes. You can create complex demonstrations and jump around branches to show alternatives. Even shared variations get loaded into the sgf  so you can browse them!

This was a major technical difficulty, we spent a long part of the last 2 weeks on this very feature.

And we also, hand in hand with the previous solution, added undos. We did decide for a slight design difference to what other servers do, i hope you find it more comfortable :)

We are working non stop, and this weekend we are preseting ourselves in a Javascript Conference here in Buenos Aires, and we are going to talk about and our experience in building it with other experts in the field. We are really excited about that too :).

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