Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Maturity and Kaya's inner dictionary

Hey guys!

I could finally fix my computer last week, thanks to chop-shopping Pato's father's computer. So last week i went back full force and dealt with sooo many things.

It was amazing how many tweaks i could get into it, making things look and feel much better.

3 Releases ago i was worried with Pato that we weren't reliable enough, that we had some bugs that hampered the experience, so we focused on that and we really nailed it. Playing is as smooth as ever, and lots of inconveniences were fixed.

We are getting to a very nice stage of maturity. Almost 40% of the Tweaki (the place where users can report minor bugs and issues ) is now written by me, which means the things that go wrong i notice before  most people.

Since we added the tweaki, over 200 "issues" were  reported and dealt with.

We are feeling very confident on the state where Kaya is and where it is going, and we have been able to keep the steady fast-pace of weekly releases for 20 weeks now. We had all catastrophes in the middle. Christmas, family matters, computers breaking (more than once), holidays but we powered-through.

Also the Open Source side has been getting attention and aid all the time. Lots of people are really interested in it. There also community work that doesnt require developer skills.

One special collaborator has gotten the Kaya Dictionary pretty fat. In the server you can consult Go terms by just clicking on the words in the chat, which should solve many typical chat concerns :).

As you might imagine, a Dictionary can be pretty big. So cheap-in! Large contributors can get an account or even a collaborator account! (which has special priviledges).

To help you can just use the Senseis Wiki: .

We are working hard for Beta release, keep in tune.

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