Friday, May 11, 2012

Taking it up a notch

Hey guys!

We are working really hard and although 0.21 doesnt not bring huge new features, we have decided to open up a few accounts.

We are doing stress testing and basic performance tuning and we need more players to check it out!

We have opened up accounts up to 300 users, so if you are one of those fans that hasnt gotten his hand on a supporter account, this is your chance. Get an account here!

Visit Kaya, check all the features and enjoy.

We are not getting closer faster to the Beta, even though the server keeps improving noticeably, so for those that are really eager to check it out, this is a great opportunity.

If the server clogs up, we will increase the server size which will mean it will work much faster than it is now, although we delay that decision for costs and performance tuning.


  1. So many players registered in a short period! Because of that, there was a lot of lag at some point, but now the server is working top notch, with more action than ever :)

  2. Shortly after registration open, the server did bog down quite a bit, but after a couple of hours things were working in beautifully.