Monday, October 3, 2011

Timers & Licenses

Today OpenKaya published yet another library to build go related applications, specifically a library to use Timers.

One thing frequenly asked for is Fischer or Bronstein timing, and I'm sure different uses of timers for different situations is possible (like problem solving, rengo, etc).

So going fancy and pro, we made a lib. With awesome testing. Right now it has only Absolute Time, and we(or an eager contributor) will progressively add other time systems.
What other time systems are there?

Canadian Byo-yomi
Japanese Byo-yomi
Simple Delay
Hour Glass(Found out about this one today. It sounds really fun)

You can check out the details of these systems here :
If you like any in particular, suggest it in the feedback section! or comment the suggestion to build different time systems.

Because this is something many other sites might we, we added it to OpenKaya and finally put in a License: CreativeCommons. The only requirements are Attribution and the share-alike for derived work from it (that is, people that branch out and do their own must also have a CC license). Commercial use is permitted for anyone.

Today we are working hard to build the demo for October. Because our star designer is on vacation the next to weeks, we decided to make a compromise on how much we are going to show by October. We plan on showing the main page and the ability to create games in a very fancy video, possibly with my beautiful voice bring up the experience a few notches :) .


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  2. It's Canadian overtime instead of Canadian byo-yomi, otherwise looks very comprehensive and good :)

    Making sure your _players_ can see (and understand!) the difference between the time controls when a game is posted will require some very careful thinking about UI clarity though.