Wednesday, October 19, 2011

In Korea

Hey Guys! I haven't updated in a while because i was travelling to Korea.

I am not staying at BIBA along many other players like Ali Jabarin, Ron Lavi, Fredrik Blombak, Dusan, Lucien Corlan, and soon even more.

While Patricio is merging the designers work into Kaya and we prepare to make the demo video, y started working on Go Library, the problem solving branch of the server. There is some basic mock-up functionality, and i will be working on it while on the school, and see if i can make all the students use it, and trial run it. That is my main objective while here at BIBA plus do some reasearch on what pros like.

There are many schools here in korea and originally with GoLibrary i wanted to target them. If all korean schools use our problem solving system we could get a lot of leverage to get users and more.

In a couple of days KPMC starts and i will be very busy for a week, while Patricio will work on the board related features of GoLibrary (mainly adapting GoSpeed to be used to solve problems, or just using eidogo as goproblems does).

Guys here have seen a peep on how Kaya is looking while i was working at it. As soon as the video is out all founders will get access to it ASAP.

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