Friday, October 7, 2011

KPMC comes soon..

Hey guys! I have some delicious updates :)

Next friday i will start the journey to Korea to participate on the KPMC. After that tournament i will be staying at BIBA , mostly trying to do some research on what would be awesome for professionals to get into the server, and also work on GoLibrary: the problem solving/training tool of Kaya.

We are ecstatic about all the work we did in the past month. Even ourselves cannot believe how different things look and feel and work, after this first full-time month.

I want to take advantage of the KPMC to get more coverage on Kaya , and making sure everyone in the world knows about, and hopefull, more volunteers, contributors and developers aid us in the building of this server.

To make a showcase we decided on making a video instead of a live demonstration. The advantages are plentiful: such a video can be broadcasted, put on the site and more. It is also a safer way to make a demonstration, as we can re-tape if something goes wrong or breaks. The server is working pretty well but week by week we change many things and its not in a reliable phase still.

This week we are wrapping up a lot of features :timing, score, owner-ship, editing tools, etc. We are still improving and expanding the Sandbox (a.k.a. known as a Demonstration). It is the toughest game window of all, as many things can change and be edited, and control can be passed around. By cracking the toughest nut, we know that the rest of the game modes are downhill.

This week we hired a designer to work on Kaya to get it to a presentable state for the demonstration. Unfortunately the prototype designer is on vacation, so until november we wont start working on the "final" look&feel.

Check out the latest screenshot on the Sandbox:


  1. Exciting. It almost looks playable. I'm surprised how quickly this is coming together. Keep up the work you guys.

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  3. lukasz, try

  4. Its ok i just thought for a sec that there should be other image at the end of the text because of the ":" character at the end...