Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Kaya's first design is applied to the server. KPMC & K-Baduk crazyness

Hey guys. Notices have been pretty slow because i am very busy these days with tournaments. This past week i finished participating in the KPMC (with awful results by the way) and now im playing a televised team championship, which is also pretty cool.

Polly has been working a lot on applying the design to the server, which is the first one we are making until we go full pro on it.

I think maybe it would have been better to put off the design and focus on some other things first, considering th eeffort it took us to achieve it and where that effort could have gone .

That said, we are soon making the video which hopefully will make it easier for us to get more contributors and maybe even future customers.

Also we are very close to a beta version as the only true thing we have to polish is scoring (actually agreeing on the score). It is done but we should test it.

But even though we are so close, im staying in korea to do research and work on GoLibrary (the go problem solving section of the site) so full server development is a little stalled, maybe until i get back. So we will make the video showing how you interact with Kaya, to quelch the hunger for news, and then work on go problems.

Hope everyone is eager :)


  1. The general design is very good. But i hope that i can switch to other layout options. I am not using a very big screen. So i always try to maximize the board graphics as much as possible. If possible i would deactivate ( or choose a side panel )the tournament and player info by default in order to get a bigger board.
    KGS use the availaible room very well, because the boardgraphic scales and all other panels are on the side.

  2. The beta would be one hell of a christmas gift :)

  3. I like the design, but you should give more sign of life, people are forgetting about kaya, which is bad

  4. Heh. We dont want to spend that much energy into marketing right now, because we want to advance on development. We have reached our advertising goal. Word got out enough to be known as a name, even Tygem and Wbaduk have contacted me to have some meetings. Dont panic:) . We are working at full speed and doing great advances.