Wednesday, October 12, 2011

ReplayBot + Scoring + Design + Tournaments

Guys! Exciting news.

Along with polly, we just watched the full replay a of a professional game on Yes. You heard right. We saw a professional game being played a 2, 5 and 10 seconds a move, and enjoyed watching each stone getting broadcasted for all users to see.

It was amazing. It worked really good. What we do is fetch games from GoKifu, which means we have a never ending stream of "just-played" professional games, working automatically. By artificially spacing the moves as it gets replayed, users have the option to chat and comment the very game.

In the longer term, we want to save and screen all those commentaries, so only go related ones remain, and the game can be saved and published as a " commented game".

Polly is hectic this week working on the last details of the board for the demo. He finished adopting the scoring algorithm from kaya, and worked on some functions and features to do the score counting. Now he is going to work on a VERY cool way to share variations.

Last but not least, we have a designer working on Kaya right now, on the home page and the board screen. The short-term goal is to have a fancy design for the demo.

After the demo, i will be in Korea and some features will be put on hold in favour of GoLibrary : the oficial training-site/tool of Kaya. Back at the beginning of september i started prototyping it and liked the results. So polly will work on making Gospeed problem-able (or maybe we will use modified eidogo) and i will work on a fast prototype first version and test it out at BIBA with the other students, and see it work in real life.

Problem solving and training is one of the core activities of go players, and i think no-one ever did an honest effort to find a solution. I want to tackle that problem asap.

Also the mentor of this project (and maker of many of the software tools we use) might be tempted to work on a Tournament organizer site. The idea is that any tournaemnt can be organized from there, and games can be scheduled on Kaya, thus giving the option for anyone to start a tournament online, which automatic verification of asistance, results, scoring, tables and more (Inspired by KGS lack of automatization , which prevented me from organizing an Atsumi Cup back in the day)

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