Sunday, February 5, 2012

0.7's Gospeed & OpenKaya(again)

0.7 is out! hours before i did a birthday party at my mom's place.

0.7 was a huge release for us, and it came with 2 major features. The first feature is that now all games played are saved and stored. You can access them through user profiles with a single click, and we have the basis, the core, to make an API for them.

After proving its stability, and being happy with it, we will publish an API to be able to do analytics, reporting, and just toying around. Because lots of games are lots of information, and im sure the community will have ideas on what to do with it.

But even mroe important than that, we released an html sgf viewer. Gospeed is the name of the smart-board Kaya uses, done 100% by dp. We put it in a client, and now you can see not only past Kaya games, but any game out there in the web.
This is available to everyone. You dont need an account, so you can visit here and load a game up!. Also when you load a game, we give you a shortened url so you can share the loaded game with someon else. Like this one .

We have a some way yet for it to become more featured than eidogo and a lot more to be similar to a regular sgf editor. Right now, its best use is to view games, the comments and to share them easily.
Check it out!

0.8 is a big ? for us. We haven't decided what to work on but its likely we will work on time related features. There is a lot of work to do there and its pretty finite, we know that if we do it now, we wont have to think about it again.

I must congratulate Verse for doing so much work with time systems on OpenKaya, he implemented Byo-yomi, canadian, and even Hourglass! We are only short of Bronstein, but i could not dare ask him any more :).

Again, OpenKaya is surprising me and because over 4 people are working on it right now, i decided to make a public tracker on it : . This system is famous among developers and truly easy to use and understand. As i make sure no two people work on the same thing at the same time, this will also allow collaborators to know the overall picture, and those that would like to collaborate, see what are the recognized tasks so far.

I have updated the documentation with a Credits section and for 0.8 all collaborators will have their Fire Kanji associated with their accounts. Nice work guys!

Because most of the time work left is on the front end and heavy weight on pato's side, this week i might turn some attention to OpenKaya myself, specially tournament organizing. We have an engine right now, and we have to turn it into a usable webpage.

We have a long and very exciting road ahead of us. Ganbatte!


  1. Perhaps making it so that for viewing games in the viewer, you can use the left and right arrow keys to go to the next move. I know other clients have that and it makes life easier for the people viewing the games.

  2. Yeah , the server client has that, we havent propagated all kaya features into gospeed. Thanks for mentioning it!

  3. "You dont need an account, so you can visit here and load a game up!" — visit there? :)

  4. -> Alpha Server -> change '/login' to '/gospeed' :)

  5. Or... this.

  6. I made a mistake in the blog mark up :). Fixed the two links.