Sunday, February 26, 2012

Collaborator Wanted on a side project.

Hey guys. Before getting right downt o business, id like to mention how AWESOME were the broadcasts by the Quebec Go Club on showing live streaming of the games on Kaya.

Guests were invited and it was extremely drawing and fun. It truly felt like the stepping stone, the basis, to create truly great video shows on streaming. Live commentary of Congress games on video, interviews with players, sky is the limit!

Things brings us to a project by a Kaya collaborator, Jonas "JJ" and his RGF specification.

Rgf is a spec to relate an audio/video file to an sgf file. As the video progresses, the stones placed in a board in the video are palced in a board. which means you can pause and interact with the board, and then resume the video. That could mean you put comments on it or you ask questions.

I have to say that jj's work here is amazing. He is not a professional programmer and he tackled a difficult problem like a pro. There functional version and we are looking to make a nice demo of it.
We want someone to assist JJ, to utilize the tool and help him make it better with suggestions and aids. Using things is the best way to test them. And also to work on translating a GoCommentary video to RGF.
The only skill requirements is not being afraid of looking at RAW SGF. The work is almost the same as moving a video to a SGF in any editor.

Assisting in this can get you access to with a free Collaborator account. If you have any questinos send an email to or if you are in the server, just pm me.

Regards, Gabriel.

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