Friday, February 24, 2012 is advancing steadily

Its been 13 days since my last post. 13 days. How did i let that happen?? i thought i posted last week :).

I have to recuperate 2 weeks of mayhem into these blogposts. We have been veery busy with non-technical aspects of Kayam thinking on what can we achieve from a technical standpoint, and how long it will take us.

We have now a feature list we are going to work on for the next 30 weeks at least.

So what is new in the past 2 weeks?

Private messaging is now complete for 0.10, and once a major test is confirm, i have a BIG event to announce. One event that will make the FIRST server to do it. It will be an awesome demonstration of accomplishing that which we promised.

Also, we are now storing all games, which means users can see past games and load them up on an Offline Version of Gospeed for analysis and review. This is thought to become an API for people to develop independent statistics, compilations and so on.

We also got a new meijin, which a specific Kanji character and a Moon on the board of Fame.

Things are on schedule and working smoothly. I hope lots of new people visit us once we make an official announcement and hopefully we can finish the already filled Game of the century


  1. Any clue when the public versions gonna be released? I kinda always hoped itll be the 1.0 release after the 0.9 so seeing a 0.10 kinda makes me sad xD.

  2. haha we knew people would think that :).

    We have clues, but its not so close. There is a big milestone to go over before release and its the redesign of the site. We need auto-scaling so everyone sees things in a decent size.

  3. I think you meant "now storing all games" not "not storing all games."