Wednesday, February 1, 2012

OpenKaya & vital addition to my kitchen arsenal.

I've been very happily surprised the past week on the number of people that want to collaborate with code.

There have been already 4 sizeable collaborator contributions, and 3 other developers offered helping hands.

This is my first time as a source controller of this nature. My job with OpenKaya is making sure everyone that wants to contribute, finds a place to do so and doesnt get any obstacles -technical or otherwise- so he can solve problems.

The past week specially there were great advances regarding the tournament system and there is another nice project that has moved a lot faster than it thought. Both are killer features and its not out of the question to integrate them into kaya by the end of february.

Kudos to the first sprouts of the community! People that aid with code will get a special marker (The Kanji for Fire) in their accounts. Potentailly their works could get also some coverage so people could easily provide them with karma. Collaborators of this sort deserve recognition too!

Changing the note of the post, my father gave me a special present for my birthday: an espresso machine. Now i can consume large quantity of delicious coffee for the nights ahead of us!. Lets work for 0.7 to be a great release!

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  1. Why not an actual flame icon? Most people can't read kanji.

    Especially since you already made another icon a kanji...