Saturday, February 11, 2012

0.8 Byo-yomi, escaper clock and the road ahead

Been a while since the last post! Had an exhausting week.

Release went normal, yesterday and only a few tweaks were needed to make sure its stable. It was a pretty shady release but most of its issues are fixed by now.

We have included byo-yomi but the most difficult thing we did this week was the escaper clock. Now when a user is disconnected from a game, a visible 5 minute clock is shown as the marker for forfeit.

It was pretty trivial until we found out that the regular clock for the escaper was still running. So we have to adjust it by how much the user was disconnected and that was quite the pandora's box.

Its still not perfect but its pretty close to being so, and we are going to polish it for 0.9. We have decided to focus on on the core features of game play a lot more for the next few releases, which means time systems, maybe chinese ruleset, voiced clocks, better variation sharing and experience, etc. Most of that work is front end, so if i get time to spare during the next releases i will focus more on OpenKaya's Tournament system, for which i have a great appreciation for.

Also, Kaya BlackOps Labs is working on a secret project. Might become a world domination feature , and we plan to show it at the end of february.

Stay in tune!

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