Friday, December 23, 2011

Alpha is released!

Checkout to get access to the server :) or directly click here

I remind founders to review the previous post about instructions on how to get in.

In the past 2 weeks that we announced the release, lots of non-founders have requested access to check it out. After thinking about it, we chose to keep them out. Founder assistance was crutial to us and they deserve all the exclusivity we can give them :). Non-founders and non-supporters will have to wait to the public release, which is not so bad. We estimate a month and a half around for that, and that verison will be prettier, and more robust.

Founders, however, get to see the baby take its first steps :).

After log-in you will see a couple of links of feedback in the top side of the pages. They include a survey and a link to the feedback tab. All your experience (good&bad) and any idea you get, write it! it will help us make a better server.

Founder accounts will be very soon stop being offered. We will replace the donation with a supporter account that will eventually have a different marker and perks.

1 comment:

  1. Many people visiting the alpha server, even trying out some games, and watching pro games :). looking good..