Thursday, December 29, 2011

New Year Holidays and change of IP

So we are approaching new year and the craze that comes along with it. Polly is taking a few days vacation going out with friends and will be returning on Tuesday, which means that users in the server will have to put up exclusively with me the next few days :).

I will try to delivery a few new features by myself (like sound) and do some overall clean up.

One big thing i changed yesterday was ip for the alpha server. This happened several times since the server started, and yesterday i put up a front address so even if we change the server, you can log in with the same ip.

Eventually there will be one more change o nit, when i associate it with the domain. There are some decisions left to do before that in the matter.

So if you ever have a doubt on the server status go to and check the link. If there server is down, the link will be blacked out and with a tooltip (with an explanation) otherwise, clicking it will take you to the server.


  1. I lost my account (HadiM). what hapennend ??? is that normal ?

  2. Hey Hadim. Send me an email, i dont have it so you havent received your password. Regards.

  3. It works now. Thank for that !