Thursday, December 22, 2011

Notice for Founders(Still not released, but important!)

Alpha is almost ready and we are soon to publish it. It is working and operational and we are giving it the finishing touches.

That said the release of it might happen tomorrow or during X-mas and people founders should get ready for it. For over 100 founders, i have about 30 accounts set-up on the server.

To access alpha server you need to have a nickname registered(by me). If you never gave me your nickname, or if you did and cant log-in, send me an email at

To log-in to alpha, your password will be the same as your nickname. I cannot provide a more secure option because i dont have your emails in an organized and reliable fashion.

So after you log in, you should visit your own profile and set your email. Then i will save them and will provide a mechanism for a secure password option later on.

1- To log in, user nickname/pass nickname

2- If you are a founder and can't, contact Kaya to set up the account

3- After log in , set up your email in your profile

4- When the release is done, we will add an access point to the server from the website.

I just played a game with someone else remotely and its working pretty neat, however...


An Alpha release is a version of the project which is unstable, unreliable, with little real-life testing.

1- Dont hold your data too dearly. i.e. don't put too much work into your profile, karma, etc , because this server is likely to get erased on a regular basis, once we find heavy inconsistencies or issues.
2- Its not working AAA fast. Its in a small server development and lots of tuning and detail work is left before it loads like a modern established site.
3- Don't panic if something breaks, which is likely. For the most serious errors we have automatic reporting. For things that "look funny" or "just arent quite right" we probably dont, so don't be afraid to tell us :).

Known surprises
1- Kaya is now utilizing Glicko as a rating system, which is similar to what Wbaduk and Tygem use. Because there is no account creation right now, ranks are set up automatically at 7d.
Soon(as in this week) handicap will be arranged to affect the rating system correctly, and to set up the proper handicap on games you play. Enjoy the 7d'hood while it lasts :)
2- Clocks. Right now all games are absolute time, and because some things are left, the clock is permanently running. That is, if you disconnect, the clock is still going on and you will lose by time eventually. So pay attention to your clock :)

Your help

1- Please fill out the survey :). I will put some survey somewhere to rate the experience and to give feedback. Its how we will measure the improvements we make on the server, specially regarding the flow of things , more than the lack of features or candy.
Your feedback has direct impact on what we do, as it was proven in the feedback section from our current site, where several suggestions where implemented.

2- Sharing pictures: be our guests. More people looking at what we are doing means more support from every angle. You are encouraged to share and if you do, tell us, so we can follow it up if appropiate.


  1. Thank you for the exciting news! Congratulations to the contributors for bringing the project to this stage.

  2. Awesome!!!
    But daaaaarn, too bad I will be on a week holiday starting from tuesday. Would've loved to test the alpha in it's early stages. I guess it will take longer than a week to fix everything though, so I'll be sure to help with testing after I get back. I'm looking forward to it already ^^