Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Security, emails , authentication and otherthings

As founders know, the "authentication" we used at the Alpha was light, due to the inconvenience of gathering emails for me and the convenience of letting all founders join easily.

However a post at life19 exposed the matter even more, which forces me to use passwords right now, while i still havent gotten all the emails to send the passwords to.

So new instructions to get into Alpha:

1-Founders that dont have a nickname should still email me so i can create your accounts. After that, you will be sent a password by email.

2-Its possible some founders have sent me pm's, messages to the hotmail account, or have difficult to find nicknames and i couldnt find your appropiate email. In such case, you will have not received your password. In that case, just email me again. Sorry for the inconvenience.

3-If you received your email, you now have your password. You wont be able to change the password in the server, because Alpha is very unstable and im not doing a periodic backup of the data generated there. As such, you will be having to put ur password over and over again every time we restart (which is has happened often this past week).

Remember to check your trash/spam folders as you might have never received an email from before.


  1. 19hs working spree , rocky trip :).

    I must say that i can write about 7 posts on things that happened the past 5 days :)

  2. Loll, you rock man, but don't kill yourself :p Remember, you said it yourself, this is a marathon ^^.

  3. I thought the go server is down since about 1 day, but the server link has changed! It would be fine to publish such important thinks... :-)