Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Updates on Kaya.gs Alpha

The past week has been CRAAZY. With capital letters and an extra A. I have put on over 70 hours, playing even at X-mas in the server :).

Many things happened at once. Coming out is really a totally new phase of a software project, and with the milestone comes a lot of new responsibilities.

To set some surprises straight, we use an Amazon Free Tier server, which is free, but also has very low reliability and other issues. Sometimes, Amazon practically shuts down our server completely. This is what happened today.

Some other days, our server can crash, just because we have things to improve.

We are fairly aware with what happens on the server most of the time, and when its down, we will negate the link in http://kaya.gs, often with a short explanation. At that moment the server is officially down.
When you can click on it(it would be orange) the server is officially up. Fear not that if thats the case, we will know very soon, so dont panic :).

Given those disclaimers there are many other great things to talk about.

Overall the experience seems quite good and many people are very happy with what they are seeing. You can play, and watch pro games, and chat with delicious features. 99% of the time the server move really quickly, even though its in a very poor server setting.
One thing completely normal for a milestone like this is that Pato and I had a way to test thing completely natural to us, but foreign to new people. This made users find a plethora of issues in the past weekend, most of them are fixed by today, including styling, minor functionality, a few mischievious exploits.

Unfortunately Pato got sick yesterday and i've been working like hell. And i met him IRL and he transfered that bug to me, so now im sick :). I , however, am a total boss-man and will keep working till friday .
Normally the server is meant to be updated on fridays, but heavy crashes mean that uploading the latest things is just as easy as not doing it. So users have enjoyed daily updates this week :).

I am super happy with peoples response, im really glad people are enjoying and discovering it, and looking at it in ways we havent. Kaya.gs was conceived as an idea 9 months ago, and today it really feels like a child. A baby we have to take care 24/7, and help it become better and bigger.

This is one of the most beautiful milestones of the project, one we will look back on in the future.

I hope founders keep being excited as they have shown in the chat in the past few days, and lets help Kaya become better.

Regards, Gabriel.

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