Friday, December 16, 2011

Loading, testing, Alpha, and a bunch o' fixes

This week was great for development. As expected, as we were trying things out many things surfaced, tweaks and bugs, improvements and realizations of better solutions.
And we were able to solve all of those issues while still being able to keep the schedule. We are aiming at having the alpha out next friday, and it looks possible, although there is a real posibility of pushing back that for another week.

The experience of playing in Kaya has improved so much so quickly we are both proud and amazed. I was telling our #1 Fan Jean-Sebastien today that i played a game with Patricio. While testing out the latest things, we started a game and we couldn't help ourselves and had to play to finish it.

Its working fast, neat and nice, and the experience as a whole is amazing.
Included in the picture is our game :) . Be gentle with Polly, that he is a beginner and we played an even game :).

There is a special comment on the right side, in red, which will remain half-secret for now on. It is a very special and spectacular feature we have and we enjoyed it greatly.

Every day is filling us with extra excitement as the date for Alpha approaches.

Keep in tune as i Alpha coming out will have new notices, changes in prizes, disclaimers and a lot more :).


  1. Ooo, if that red comment is what I think it is. Then I'm very anxious to see what the final build will turn out :)

  2. Looks great! I'm really excited to play on Kaya. I hope it works in Opera browser?

  3. Oh wow, I finally can see the blog! This looks all so awesome man, can't wait to beta test ^^

  4. Right now Jean Sebastian is palying a game with me looooll. He is conneced to my personal computer. It works really slow, because of my poor conection.

  5. It was awesome ! Although I got crushed lol

  6. I like that you're implementing variations in the chat. I can't wait to see everything in action! Keep up the good work.