Friday, December 9, 2011

Move Markers in the chat, Score agreement , Timestamps and Mailer

Hey guys!. Getting back to you guys with some more updates.

Remember the list of things we had to do before going out? (check out the previous post).

We finished 2 of them:

- The mailing system, which funnily now warns us everytime we make a development mistake or a blunder in the server :).
- Score agreement!. It is working awesome. Games now can be finished, scored, and the scoring works pretty much like in KGS: players interactively work with the board to settle the final result.
It gave another huge feeling of completion for us, it looks really good. However its not 100% done, as it still needs some polishing.

Also, we have advanced on another features. Today we pretty much finished Move marking in the chat, thats when you see by which move each comment was made. Its working pretty neat and it again gives it this feeling of completion.

Lastly i finished a feature asked in the Feedback section of our site: Timestamps. Timestamps right now are shown in the users local time zone, so you can tell how long ago someone made a comment.

Included is a screenshow showing th e timestamp and the moves.

Score agreement showing is for a later time :)

The past week we made amazing progress but also some stinks are coming up, which means soon we will spend a week mainly polishing the tools and making sure the health of the software project is good. We are here for the long haul, so doing things the right way is a priority.

Regards! and keep in touch.